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Roof Damage Assessment in St. Louis

Your roof is the first line of defense against St. Louis's tumultuous weather. Following a storm, you may discover minor leaks or total devastation at worst.

Conducting a thorough post-storm roof damage assessment is paramount, regardless of the apparent damage. Storm Guard in St. Louis understands the urgency and swiftly evaluates your property. Moreover, we work alongside your insurance provider to ensure you receive fair coverage for the necessary repairs.
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Why Roof Assessments Are Essential in St. Louis, Missouri

Severe storms, high winds, and devastating tornadoes are not unusual in St. Louis, Missouri. These weather events dislodge shingles or trigger leaks, compromising your roof's structural integrity.

Prompt action is crucial after severe weather. We provide professional St. Louis roof damage assessment services to fortify your home before the next onslaught.

Comprehensive Roof Damage Assessment

Assessing your roof after a storm is crucial to ensuring that any visible or hidden damage poses no immediate safety risk and that the roof won't experience further damage. 

As your trusted roof damage assessment contractor, Storm Guard evaluates storm damage meticulously. We use advanced technology and techniques to gauge how much damage you have sustained in different parts of your roof, including the shingles, gutters, vents, and even the attic.

Here are the issues we commonly see.

Missing or Broken Shingles

Strong winds can curl or dislodge shingles during a storm, especially if they are old or poorly installed. Winds may also bring down debris and tree branches onto your roof, causing shingle damage.

Leaks and Water Stains

Rainwater can leak through new or existing gaps in your roof. When it does, the water can stain your ceiling and walls, cause mold and mildew to grow, and degrade your property’s building materials and electrical fixtures.

Hail or Wind Damage

Hailstorms have the same effect on roof shingles as high winds. If they get big enough, hailstones can dent the roof and metal penetrations.

Certified and Local Inspection Team

Our roof inspection team comprises trained professionals based in St. Louis, Missouri. We are well-versed in the area’s unique roofing needs. Their expertise and knowledge of regional issues equip them to provide tailored roof damage assessment solutions in St. Louis.

Storm Guard’s damage assessors will survey your property using FAA-approved drones, capture digital images, offer an estimate, and coordinate with your insurance provider. Wherever you are in St. Louis, the work of our skilled team will give you peace of mind during troubled times.

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Benefits of Timely Roof Damage Assessment

Promptly addressing roof damage can keep it from worsening. Otherwise, a minor problem now can become critical when the next storm hits. Damage assessment may require an upfront investment, but it's a smaller price to pay compared to the potential cost of repairing more extensive damage later on.

Timely roof damage assessment in St. Louis extends roof longevity. Your roof is your armor against the elements, and the slightest chink could compromise its integrity. Proactively checking your roof after a storm keeps it reliable and protective over its service life.

Lastly, early assessment helps streamline the insurance claims process. Insurers often favor claims with a comprehensive assessment report and documentation of the damage. As a result, you can get better coverage, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

Securing Your Roof, Protecting Your Home

When the weather clears up, have your roof inspected ASAP. Don’t wait for the next storm to hit. Take proactive steps to fortify your roof and ensure its longevity. 

Storm Guard offers expert roof damage assessment in St. Louis. Our certified inspection team will also provide the necessary evidence and recommendations to expedite your insurance claim and increase the likelihood of receiving adequate coverage for repairs.

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