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Roof Inspections in Charlotte

Keep your roof in good condition. Storm Guard performs routine roof inspections in Charlotte to identify and address roofing issues promptly. Our comprehensive inspections cover all parts of your roof, from the shingles to the attic, to prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Common Roofing Issues

These are the common roofing issues that require the help of a Charlotte roof inspection specialist from Storm Guard.
Leaks and Water Damage

Leaks may occur for various reasons, such as cracked sealing, damaged flashing, deteriorating roofing materials, or poor installation. When water seeps into your roof and interior, it can rot wood, stain ceilings, and damage insulation.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Extreme weather or gradual wear and tear can damage or dislodge shingles. Missing or damaged shingles leave areas of your roof exposed to the elements and susceptible to water and structural damage.

Mold or Mildew Growth

Unresolved roofing problems lead to mold and mildew growth. They develop on roofs as a result of organic material or moisture accumulation. Left unchecked, they accelerate the degradation of roofing materials and detract from the appearance of your home.


The Importance of Roof Inspections

Catching roof problems as early as possible helps you in the long run. Prompt identification of such issues, no matter how minor, allows you to have them fixed before they escalate into bigger problems that break the bank. Routine inspections also play a big part in roof maintenance, maximizing your roof’s function and lifespan.

Inspections become even more critical following a severe weather event. With its humid, subtropical climate, Charlotte is prone to storms that can strain your roof. You must check on your roof after such events to prevent further property damage and keep your family safe.

Storm Guard of Charlotte Expertise

Storm Guard is ready whenever you need an expert roof inspection service in Charlotte

Storm Guard of Charlotte is a BBB-accredited company and a proud partner of many renowned manufacturers. We are a GAF-Certified Roofing Contractor and a Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we've established ourselves as experts in roof inspections and other roofing and construction services. 

Our local roofers go through extensive training to find hard-to-see damage from the ground and on the roof. We've inspected all sorts of roofing systems and found all kinds of roofing issues like damaged shingles, water damage, and broken flashing. We use modern tools and technology like FAA-approved drones, thermal cameras, and moisture meters for accurate assessments and documentation.

What We Inspect

Storm Guard’s residential roof inspections in Charlotte leave nothing unchecked. We cover every inch of your roof and guarantee an accurate assessment.

Benefits of Storm Guard's Roof Inspections

Enjoy these advantages when you entrust your roof inspections in Charlotte to Storm Guard.
Early Detection of Issues

Catch minor roofing issues before they get worse. It can ensure timely intervention and prevent further problems and expensive repairs, saving you money in the long term.

Extending the Lifespan of the Roof

Maximize the lifespan of your roof with our regular inspections. Couple that with routine maintenance and prompt repairs of detected issues, and we can preserve your roof's durability, integrity, and functionality.

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

We don't just check your roofing systems for signs of wear and tear; we ensure your roof's safety and structural integrity. Have peace of mind knowing your roofs are well-inspected for potential damage and hazards.

Potential Insurance Savings

We can help you navigate and process the insurance claim for your roof in case of damage. We will work with your insurance company and help save you from out-of-pocket expenses.

Our Roof Inspection Process

At Storm Guard, we prioritize professionalism, transparency, and customer satisfaction. As a premier roofing company in Charlotte, we follow a thorough inspection process to provide homeowners with the best possible assessment of their roof’s condition.

roofer in sarasota and customer for roof inspections

Initial Consultation and Scheduling

The process starts with a friendly conversation. We’ll listen to your concerns and schedule the inspection at your convenience.

professional roofers in sarasota for initial roof inspections on site

On-site inspection by Certified Professionals

Our certified experts will arrive at the scheduled time and date for an on-site inspection. They'll examine every nook and cranny of your roof for damage and potential issues.

roofing specialist in sarasota and customer speaking about roof assessment report

Comprehensive Assessment Report

Following the inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive assessment report. It will detail the issues we found, their severity, and potential causes. It will include photographs to illustrate key points, helping you better understand the issues and make informed decisions.

roof inspectors in sarasota doing repair

Repair Recommendations (if Necessary)

We will offer roof repair recommendations if our assessment supports the need for it. It may range from minor repairs to a full roof replacement. Rest assured that we will be upfront about the extent, the urgency, and the cost of the repairs. We will not pressure you into services that you don’t need.

Why Choose Us for Roof Inspections


Local Expertise in Charlotte

Our roofers are local to Charlotte. We bring our deep understanding of the area and its roofing needs to every project, providing tailored roofing solutions.


Certified and Experienced Inspection Professionals

Our team comprises certified professionals who undergo rigorous training. They've seen and done it all; that’s why they can detect roofing issues early, make accurate assessments, and recommend a plan of action.


Cutting-Edge Technology for Precise Assessments

We use modern tools and technology to make precise roof assessments. With such technology, we can identify hidden issues and provide detailed insights into the condition of your roof.


Commitment to Transparency and Clear Communication

We're committed to ensuring you're well-informed of all our findings and recommendations. We strive for open and honest communication, and we'll let you know the exact details of our inspection process. 


Proven Track Record of Customer Satisfaction

Our quality craftsmanship and materials and reliable warranties have paved the way for our solid track record of satisfied customers. With over 20 years of industry experience and over 30 local franchises, we've gained a reputation for trustworthy roofing services.

Choose Storm Guard for Unparalleled Roof Inspection Excellence

Charlotte is a city where proactive roof care is paramount. Regular roof inspections in Charlotte, NC, help you stay ahead of potential roofing issues and protect your investment. 

Don't wait until it's too late. Trust Storm Guard with routine inspections and avoid the headache of dealing with major repairs down the line.

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