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Severe Weather and Your Central Texas Roof

Severe Weather and Your Central Texas Roof


Storm Guard of Austin

Severe weather can strike any time here in Texas, and when it does, you may find yourself holding your breath and wondering if your roof made it through yet another storm. 

Because no two storms are alike (and no two roofs are alike either), it’s important to stay on top of roof inspections and maintenance so that your roof is in the strongest position to battle the weather - and so that you can breathe a little easier next time the clouds darken and the thunder rolls. 

How Severe Weather Can Damage Your Roof

Severe weather comes in many forms, but commonly the biggest problem-children for roofs in Austin are wind, rain and hail - or a combination of all three.

  • Wind - High winds can rip off shingles and tear off tree limbs which can easily become projectiles headed straight for your roof. One fallen tree limb can puncture your roof entirely and leave it exposed to rain.
  • Rain - Water is any homeowner's enemy, and a leaky or exposed roof provides an all-too-convenient path for water to enter your home. Insulation can quickly get saturated and soon you’ll be staring down another kind of opponent - mold.
  • Hail - Whether as small as a pebble or large as a baseball, punishing hail can beat down on a roof and leave it weakened (at best) or in need of a full replacement (at worst). To learn more about hail damage and your roof, be sure to read this post.
  • Tornado - These stealthy storms come in fast and hit hard. Tornadoes can rip off your roof with the same ease that it takes for you to lift a blanket over your bed. They can also down trees, power lines and cause other structural issues.

In addition to wind and rain, let’s not forget about the sun’s impact on our roofs either. Daily exposure to heat and intense UV rays weaken your roof over time and can cause your shingles to become cracked and brittle. The expansion and contraction of your roofing materials due to heat can also be damaging to your home.

At Storm Guard of SW Austin, we make it our mission to ensure the safety and integrity of your roof so that it’s in the strongest position possible to withstand severe weather. Call us today at 512-843-0078 to schedule a roof evaluation of your home.