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Window Damage: It’s Time to Start Cracking Down

By Storm Guard
Have you been neglecting the maintenance of your home’s windows? Rather than avoiding window care, which can be done as little as twice a year, be proactive before potential threats become too overwhelming to control.
Broken Window

Over time, windows have evolved to be more than just an easy way to see what your neighbors are up to. What once started as just a hole in the wall; windows are now elaborate with aesthetic features that can be found on walls, ceilings, and even floors of a building. There are many components to a window, each holding an essential duty needed to make your windows as effective as they can be. Let’s take a look at some of the different window functions and see how damages can lead to greater troubles in the near future.

Window Functionality

A window has many functions, having key responsibilities to provide ventilation, visibility, lighting, and protection. With all that your windows have to offer, they should not be overlooked when it comes to window maintenance. Washing your windows alone can help you identify damages that are less visible to the eye. Not only will your windows look clean and sleek, you will also take notice of potential threats including cracks, mold and mildew, soft wood (rotting), or a loose sash.

Cracks & Fractured Glass

Some window damages are easier to identify than others. We all know the classic baseball through the window story, or the stone that ricocheted off the lawnmower cracking the window, but what about the less noticeable damages? Your window’s glass is susceptible to cracks and stress fractures from ice formation. As the ice forms on your windows, the pressure causes the window to start cracking. This is definitely not something anyone wants to deal with on a cold winter’s day. With fractures and cracks, two things happen from here. One, your heat is escaping your house, and two, the cold outside air is entering your house. This leads to a costly mess, but cracks might not be the only cause of uncontrolled airflow.

Window Sash Damage

Have you checked your window sash? And more importantly, are you aware of what a window sash is? Put simply, the window sash is what holds the sheet of glass in place. It is the frame of the window and can be troublesome if loosened or if there is excess moisture. If the window sash is loose, again, this will be problematic for your heating and cooling costs due to the uncontrollable airflow. There is also an increased chance of unwanted critters entering your house – yuck! The last thing you want in your house is an uninvited guest. Along with the bugs and poor airflow, there are also the risks associated with moisture.

Water Damage Water

Windows are put in place for a reason, and letting in water is not one of them. With cracks in the glass and loose sealant, water can ruin your window frame. The excess moisture can cause you window paneling to become soft and discolored, which then leads to rotting. There is also the chance of mold and mildew, causing a health concern to your family. Do not overlook the early signs of water damage. Fractured or cracked window glass, a loosened window sash, and excess water are just a few of the damages that can leave you with long-term damages and expenses; especially if not taken care of during the early forming stages. Make your windows a protector of your home and continually maintain them to avoid long-term risks.

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