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How to Tell if Your Asphalt Shingles Need Replacing

How to Tell if Your Asphalt Shingles Need Replacing


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Do my shingles need to be replaced?

There are many factors that contribute to a roof’s lifespan. Here in Austin, the weather plays a big role but so too do things in our control, like annual roof maintenance. The better a roof is maintained, the longer it typically will last. Many times repairs, rather than full replacements, are all it takes to keep your roof chugging along for another 5, 10 or more years. 

That said, while we wish asphalt shingles would last forever, there does come a time and place when they’ll need to be replaced. Rather than be caught off guard by a roofing emergency, knowing what to look for can help you best plan for the financial commitment of replacing a roof

When Should You Replace Your Austin Roof?

Even a roof with the best 30-year, 3-tab asphalt shingles rarely lasts 30 years in Austin. Admittedly it’s frustrating to think your roof will last a certain length of time and then it doesn’t, but it’s important to be informed when making decisions about your roof. As your roof nears 20 years, you should start having roofing conversations so you can complete the replacement before it completely gives out on you.

Another thing to pay attention to if you want to head off a premature roof replacement is your attic’s ventilation. When heat and moisture are trapped in your attic because of improper ventilation, your roof will pay the price.

All told, it’s a good idea to regularly monitor your roof and asphalt shingles for signs of damage. After a storm, take an extra close look in case you need to patch up any problems. Strong winds can effortlessly rip off shingles, and hail can leave damaging welts.

At Storm Guard of SW Austin, we’re the Central Texas roofing experts. If you have questions about your roof or would just like us to take a closer look at it, give us a call anytime at 512-843-0078.