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Think Leaves Won’t Damage Your Roof? Think Again.

Think Leaves Won’t Damage Your Roof? Think Again.


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How leaves can damage your roof

By many accounts, fall is one of the best times of the year in Austin. The intense heat of summer has passed, and the cooler comfort of fall begins to set in. This season of transition, though beautiful, can also bring an unexpected problem for homeowners: leaves.

When we think of leaves, we often think of big piles in our yard perfect for the kids - and kids-at-heart - to jump in. We maybe don’t think about the ways in which they can damage our roofs.

But they can. 

If leaves sit on your roof for extended periods of time, they can begin to cause serious problems. 

One of the biggest problems is excess moisture that forms under the leaves, especially if they are clumped or piled together. Even though fall is less hot and humid than summer, moisture will still accumulate on your roof. Add any rainfall to the mix, and you could start to see rotting near the leaves and under the shingles much more quickly. 

Keeping Your Roof Leaf-Free

There are a couple of remedies for keeping leaves off your roof:

  • Trim nearby tree branches regularly - this will help keep more leaves off your roof as well as allow more sunlight to help dry up any roof moisture.
  • Keep your roof clear - hire a professional or very carefully and safely climb on your roof to clear away any leaf piles.
  • Clean your gutters - gutters that are clogged with leaves and debris will prevent them from doing their job of carrying away rainwater, and you absolutely want your gutters to be doing their job when a storm hits.

It can be hard to imagine something so light and airy as leaves causing damage to your roof, but they can if they’re left unattended. Stay on top of your fall yard and roof maintenance to keep your roof in tip-top shape, especially as you head into the winter months. 

To ask your roofing questions or to schedule a roof repair, contact us at Storm Guard of SW Austin for help.