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Roofing Material Types 101: Solar Tiles

Roofing Material Types 101: Solar Tiles


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Solar Tiles for your roof

Solar roofs are the way of the future, and the main options on the market today are solar roof panels and solar shingles, or solar tiles. Whereas solar panels can be attached directly to your traditional asphalt-shingled roof, solar tiles can effectively replace your existing roof’s shingles. 

How Solar Tiles Work

Solar tiles are made of thin photovoltaic sheets. They can either lay directly over your existing shingles or replace them. Solar shingles work by absorbing the sun’s rays and converting it to energy, which can then help power your home and reduce your monthly energy bills. 

The more tiles you have on your roof, the greater your energy output. On average, adding solar to your roof has been found to reduce energy costs by 40-70%. 

Compared to panels, an advantage of solar tiles is that they also protect your home from the elements just like a traditional roofing material would. Additionally, many people prefer the aesthetic of sleek solar tiles over the bulkier solar panel alternative. 

How Long Do Solar Tiles Last?

The lifespan of solar shingles will vary by manufacturer and installation, but you should expect them to last more than 20 years. Before making your final product decision, it’s worth researching your options. Be sure also to understand manufacturer warranties, as they also can vary. 

Our team at Storm Guard of SW Austin can help you consider your roof options as well. The type of roof you have, and your location, may influence the product you ultimately select. If you’re considering solar or any type of new roof installation for your Austin home or business, give us a call at 512-843-0078. We partner with a reputable team who installs solar panels throughout Central Texas.