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3 Clues Your Roof Needs Attention

3 Clues Your Roof Needs Attention


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How to know your roof need attention

The best way to know when your roof needs attention is by staying on top of routine roof inspections. Scanning your roof’s weakest points on the regular will help you nip problems in the bud, but we recognize that life happens and Texas storms happen and sometimes our roof needs to yell a little louder for us to snap to attention. Here are three clues the roof on your Austin home or business is calling out to you.

  1. You spot a leak - Leaks are a telltale sign something might be amiss on your roof. Even if it’s not a full-on leak, signs of discoloration, swelling or sagging on your ceiling are clues you should take a look in your attic and on your roof for signs of damage. For more about everything you need to know and do when your roof is leaking, be sure to read this article
  2. You see missing or damaged shingles - Even from the ground, you should be able to scan your roof’s asphalt shingles for damage. Cracks and curls are bad. Missing granules or missing shingles altogether are worse. 
  3. There’s moss growing on your roof - While it may carry some old-world charm, there’s really nothing charming about moss on your asphalt shingles. When there’s green growing on your roof, it’s a sign of a bigger moisture problem. It should be addressed right away before further it causes further damage, mold and rot.

When we take care of our roof, it will take care of us. Routine maintenance can prolong the life of your roof and prevent unwelcome byproducts of a damaged roof, like leaks, mold and other water damage. If you spot signs of a weakened roof, call our team of roofing professionals at Storm Guard of SW Austin today.