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What to Know Before Getting Your Roof Repaired

What to Know Before Getting Your Roof Repaired


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Getting my roof repaired

Ready, set…roof!

When you decide you’re ready to repair or replace your Austin roof, you might fall into one of two camps:

  1. You’re either ready to get it done as quickly as possible so you can move on to other things in your life, or 
  2. You research the process to death and possibly never take action.

We’re here to help you land somewhere between those two extremes so that you can confidently move forward with a roof repair when the time is right. Here are three areas to consider when it’s time to take action on your roof.

Get Quotes

Always get more than one quote. Even if a roofer comes highly recommended by someone you trust, call up a few roofing companies to compare not just costs but also to better understand their level of professionalism and quality of workmanship. 

During the process of gathering quotes, you’ll get to know a roofing company and should have a better sense of the experience you’ll have working with them. Cost is an important factor, but you want someone who is experienced, professional, licensed and insured.

Consider Repair vs. Replacement

Do you need a full roof replacement, or will a repair do? A trustworthy roofing company will be honest and upfront with you about the state of your roof. If you haven’t had a roofing inspection in years and have been a little, shall we say, lax, with your maintenance, it’s possible a replacement may be in the cards. If your roof is relatively new and the damage is localized, a repair will generally be cheaper. The bottom line is you should consider all your options, understand the cost of a roof replacement and evaluate if the benefits are worth the cost for your specific situation. 

Evaluate Materials

There are numerous roofing materials to choose from with asphalt shingles remaining the most popular. Before you go with the most popular choice, however, consider your other options so you feel confident moving forward with whatever decision you make. For more about everything you need to know about roofing material types, be sure to read this guide.

The decision to move forward with a roofing project is a major one. Don’t rush it, but also don’t be afraid to lean on experts to help you wade through your options. That’s what we’re here for. If you need insight into residential or commercial roof repairs and replacement in Central Texas, give our team at Storm Guard of SW Austin a call today to learn more.