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What Seasonal Changes Mean for Your Roof

What Seasonal Changes Mean for Your Roof


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Seasonal Changes for your roof

The changing of seasons can bring welcomed cooler temperatures to the heat-filled days (and nights) of summer in Austin. We feel the changes in our bones and so, too, do our roofs. 

As summer turns to fall and fall to winter, this is a good time to pay attention to your roof. Seasonal changes can impact roofs in different ways, so knowing what to pay attention to and when can help you stay on top of maintenance and delay a costly roof replacement for as long as possible. Here is a quick run-down of what to watch for in all four seasons:


Falling leaves sure are pretty, but you shouldn’t let them linger on your roof, along your gutters or in your downspouts. If you need convincing as to why, be sure to read our post “Thing Leaves Won’t Damage Your Roof? Think Again.


Our roofs work hard all year long but in the winter they get put to the test by managing warm indoor air rising up against a colder roof. Proper ventilation in your attic can help reduce the amount of condensation that forms in your attic due to temperature extremes. Keeping condensation low with adequate ventilation is important to minimize potential damage both inside your attic and to your roof deck. Moreover, changing temperatures can also cause expansion and contraction in our homes, which also affect our roofs. 


This is an opportune time to check in on how your roof is doing after winter. It’s also a time of traditionally more rain. Make sure your gutters are clear and you don’t have any cracks, leaks or other weaknesses in your roofs. For more about water, rain and your roof, be sure to read this post.


Sun, heat and humidity do a number on your roof. High-quality roofing materials can help prolong the life of your roof and help it withstand the extreme conditions summer brings our way, as will proper ventilation. 

For help with your roof any time of year, call our team at Storm Guard of SW Austin at 512-843-0078.