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Repairing Your Roof After Hail Damage

Repairing Your Roof After Hail Damage


Storm Guard of Austin

If you’re hunkered downstairs during a storm and hear the tell-tale clink, clink, clink of hail on your roof and windows, you may be tempted to immediately fear the worst. After all, big, heavy hail can certainly be disastrous, and history tells us that the pit forming in your stomach may have good reason to be there.

Before you start panicking, it’s important to remember there are experienced roofing contractors out there like us at Storm Guard of SW Austin to help you, and most insurance policies cover damage caused by hail.

It’s also important to remember that roof damage caused by hail can run the gamut in severity. Sometimes minor repairs are all that’s needed, or if you’re lucky, you might walk away without any damage at all.

Step 1: Identify if You Have Damage (and Understand Its Severity)

Significant hail damage is generally fairly obvious even from the ground, but it’s best to contact a roofer to professionally inspect the damage from above right away. 

Then, call your insurance company if there is damage. Our team at Storm Guard will go on the roof with your insurance adjuster when they come out to inspect your property. We’ve found it can be helpful to have a second set of eyes on your roof when looking at damage with the adjuster.

If needed, you may have to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home while awaiting permanent fixes to be made. 

Dents and dings, loose or missing shingles, banged-up gutters and other signs of hail damage are all clues you should call in a professional for a more thorough roof inspection.

Step 2: Determine if You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Once you’ve had a roofer onsite to inspect your hail damage, you’ll need to decide if making roof repairs will be enough to fix the damage or if you need a full roof replacement

At Storm Guard of SW Austin, we advise homeowners on their options so they can make the most informed decision about how to proceed. There may not be just one right answer. The age and condition of your existing roof will likely influence how you proceed after a damaging event, as will other financial considerations.

For roof inspections, roof repairs or other questions about how to proceed after hail damage, get in touch with us at Storm Guard of SW Austin.